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Winemaking equipment technology: How does a leading com […]

Winemaking equipment technology: How does a leading company analyze how companies choose brewing equipment? Winemaking equipment technology is divided into what? The main part of the brewing equipment technology consists of a distillation pot, a gas pipe, and a condenser. The brewing equipment technology produced by Hanhan Technology adopts high-quality stainless steel materials and meets the national food machinery hygiene standards. The brewing equipment produced by the company is affordable, safe, reliable and durable. It is suitable for families, small entrepreneurs and small and medium sized wineries. The matching clinker high-yield distiller is a special melody, which is a pure biological compound preparation. It can thoroughly saccharify any bio-starch and thoroughly ferment sugar into wine. Clinker high-yield breweries are suitable for the production of various flavor liquors, which can produce high-alcohol liquors as well as low-alcohol liquors, and can greatly increase the liquor yield. The winter breaks through the summer and the summer breaks down, solving the problem of the safety of winemaking in summer and winter. The amount of melody is very small, only about 0.6-0.7 kg of distiller's yeast per 100 kg of food.

Application in brewing equipment technology: The nutrient composition of liquid fermentation mycelium, whether it is protein, amino acid, or vitamin content, is similar to the fruit body. At present, liquid fermentation of edible fungi is undergoing a large amount of research and development. Because the use of industrial liquid fermentation to produce edible mushroom protein is shorter than the time required to obtain protein from raising poultry or livestock, the efficiency is high and the cost is low. Therefore, the deep fermentation of edible fungi will have great development prospects in the food industry, and it is expected to become one of the main sources of human proteins needed in the 21st century.

The brewing equipment technology mainly includes two parts, the first is the small brewing equipment, and the second is the household brewing equipment. We need to choose different methods according to the classification to choose the brewing equipment suitable for ourselves. For an entrepreneur, if you want to make wine, then the first task is arduous, that is if you choose the brewing equipment technology that suits you.

Winemaking equipment technology can be divided into liquor equipment, beer equipment, wine equipment, rice wine equipment, etc. according to the type of wine. Brewing equipment technology according to the principle of wine can be divided into fermentation equipment, brewing equipment and distillation equipment and post-packaging equipment. Brewing equipment technology according to the material can be divided into wood brewing equipment, brick-mixed brewing equipment, stainless steel brewing equipment, aluminum brewing equipment, tin brewing equipment and other technology.

Taking the liquor brewing equipment technology as an example, wood and brick and concrete are the old traditional brewing equipment. Because of the leakage of steam, large volumes, difficulty in migrating, and low liquor yield have been eliminated. The tin brewing equipment technology is difficult to popularize due to its high price. Therefore, most popular brewing equipment technologies in the market today are aluminum equipment and stainless steel equipment. Aluminum brewing equipment accounts for the majority of the market share. The density is low. The equipment is light and easy to handle. The price of aluminum brewing equipment is still relatively cheap and is easily recognized by consumers. However, aluminum welding is easy to leave a significant bead, so it looks a little rough and the gloss is not high.

Stainless steel brewing equipment with high technical gloss Hard wear-resistant polished almost no weld bead Beautiful and beautiful but poor thermal conductivity stainless steel out of alcohol consumption of fuel and stainless steel brewing equipment technical performance is best not to choose. Because there are many brewing equipment on the market, what kind of brewing equipment is right for you, different brewing equipment is different for the production of wine, in fact, it all depends on your goals and needs. The most important thing is to understand what you need most and what is best for you.

For most personal entrepreneurs, the home brewing equipment technology is better. Finding a simple one with all the ability is perfect. Such products are generally cheaper and easier to understand. And home brewing equipment allows them to brewing their own opportunities to determine if they are interested in investing with the least time or money. When we purchase brewing equipment technology, we must pay attention to that the equipment must be certified by the country.