How to store brewed puree beer


Beer is made of malt as the main raw material, rice or […]

Beer is made of malt as the main raw material, rice or other grains and sugar as auxiliary materials, added hops, and brewed by saccharification and yeast fermentation. It is a beverage-type beverage rich in nutrients and low alcohol content, known as "liquid. The beauty of bread.
Beer is rich in B- and E-vitamins and various amino acids, sugars, and inorganic salts necessary for the body. Beer with a 1L juice concentration of 12BX° contains 788 kcal of calories, which is equivalent to 1/4 of the daily calorie requirement for adults. Therefore, when you drink in winter, you can warm up your body, improve the blood supply of peripheral blood vessels, and prevent frostbite. Because of people's needs, beer also has some medical effects, beer contains hops, has a strong heart, sedative and other effects, but also can appetizer and spleen, promote blood circulation.
Everyone knows that the beer produced in the brewed beer facility contains a certain amount of active yeast. Then we say that under certain conditions, the active yeast will undergo secondary fermentation. Therefore, to preserve the original brewed beer, some necessary conditions are needed. It is necessary to determine the specific conditions based on beer characteristic
1. The beer of the original brewed brewery equipment must be strictly stored in accordance with the production time and product type. The sterilizer must be first sterilized and then sold. It must be noted that it cannot be placed in the cold room for too long.
2. The temperature requirement of puree beer is more stringent than that of other beer without yeast. The temperature in cold storage must be appropriate and can have a certain inhibitory effect.
3. Ventilation is also critical. We say that if the beer equipment is not well ventilated, I may degrade our label.
4. Puree beer can not be placed directly in the open air environment. To prevent sunlight and rain, try to pay attention to small beer equipment to avoid direct sunlight.
This is how the preserved brewers are preserved. In the past summer, did you feel that you had a beer addiction? If you haven't enjoyed it yet, it doesn't matter. You can buy a beer facility and solve the health problem. , you can think of drinking and drinking.