Beer saccharification system


The beer mashing system is mainly composed of a mashing […]

The beer mashing system is mainly composed of a mashing pot, a gelatinizing pot, a filter tank, a boiling pot, a sedimentation tank, a hop adding device, and the like.

The main parts of each pot/slot of the saccharification system are all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material of international standard. Using modern automatic plasma, laser line cutting and pure argon gas shielded welding technology, all parts of the pot/groove body that are in contact with wheat bran and other materials are all mirror-polished and externally polished to ensure that customers are provided with advanced technology. Quality and cheap, luxurious and beautiful saccharification system

Mashing pot, gelatinizing pot

1. Adopting high-efficiency Maier plate jacket heat transfer technology and applying scientific steam turbulence principle to achieve maximum heat conduction and energy-saving effect, and adopting fully automated temperature control technology to ensure the heating rate and heat preservation in various saccharification and gelatinization stages. The accuracy of time.

2. Selecting the international advanced suspension speed control system, adopting frequency conversion and self-controlling stirring methods to ensure even mixing of mash in gelatinization and saccharification process. It can maximize the performance of various enzymes in gelatinization and saccharification processes. Good biological activity and conversion, catalytic effect, thus ensuring the best quality and highest yield of beer at the source.

Filter tank

1. Advanced scientific special-shaped cultivating knife construction system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology ensure that the trough is even and the trough is stable. It also improves the filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintains the good transparency and juice yield of wort.

2. It adopts internationally advanced suspension and stirring devices, and is equipped with frequency conversion, speed regulation, and automatic control technologies to make the operation more convenient and flexible, and easy to maintain and save costs.

Boil pan

1. The application of advanced boiling and pressurization technology in the body to increase the boiling strength greatly increases the evaporation effect of dimethylsulfide and promotes the polymerization of condensables such as proteins, enabling fast separation of boiled wort and polymer.

2. Take the extracorporeal circulation mixing technology to accelerate the heating rate of the wort in the early stage of boiling, so that the wort is kept at a uniform temperature during the heating process, and the regional wort soluble degeneration phenomenon caused by local overheating is prevented, thus ensuring the The boiling quality of wort.

Sedimentation tank

1, according to the best unit of filter area on the amount of storage of wheat grains, enlarge the diameter ratio of the tank body, reduce the swirling speed, promote the sedimentation and coagulation of solidification, to achieve the best separation.

2. The storage tank with hot coagulation can increase wort yield and reduce environmental pollution.

Hops add system

1. The hops adding system can be composed of two or more tanks, with pumping and accessories such as pipes and valves, and can also automatically control the amount of addition.

2. The cans, valves and pipes in the hops adding system can be connected to the CIP system to achieve automatic, semi-automatic, cleaning and disinfection.